NKJV Colporteur’s Bible (Brown)


This Bible has been specially prepared for colporteurs and has the following features:

  • Text of the Bible in the New King James Version
  • The words of Jesus in red
  • Introduction and summary of each book of the Bible
  • Map of the Bible lands Bible Studies There is an Answer! by Pastor Alejandro Bullón
  • Biblical tools such as the Parables of Jesus, Miracles of Jesus, and Names, Descriptions, and Titles of Jesus, among others

It contains exclusive resources and practical tools for colporteurs such as

  • Biblical inspirational texts and promises to motivate canvassers
  • History of the publishing work
  • Suggestions for a canvassing philosophy
  • Ideas and suggestions to improve and succeed in the publishing ministry
  • The full text of the book The Colporteur Evangelist by Ellen G. White

Advice for colporteur evangelists, suggestions for managing finances, and other valuable resources.

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