NKJV Couple’s Bible


This Bible was especially prepared for couples at different stages of their life. It contains special resources to help couples better understand God’s plan for marriage and how to attain fulfilment and happiness in marriage.

The NKJV Couple’s Bible has certain characteristics which make it unique:

  • Introductory pages with notable articles about marriage in the Bible, biblical theology of the family and habits for long-lasting marriages.
  • Bible verses especially for couples.
  • More than 170 articles divided into five sections:
    • “Strong Marriages and United Families”, is a section with variety articles on love, communication, home, the role of each family member and many other themes.
    • “Facing Challenges”, a special section that deals with issues like abuse, forgiveness, favouritism, addictions or divorce, among others.
    • “Happy Marriage”, is a series of articles spread all over the Bible which provides tools to help couples obtain balance and happiness in marriage.
    • “Keys to Successful Parenting” is a unique section about teaching children biblical principles and values.
    • “Marriage in the Bible,” is a section that presents the fundamental principle of biblical marriage and the values on which it is founded.
  • Bible verses in the New King James version.
  • Words of Jesus highlighted in colour.
  • The “Home and Family” course with 14 topics focused on couples.
  • Special biblical resources for couples: 101 ideas for family evangelism, relevant topics for the couples, sensitive issues of the Bible and Bible reading plans.
  • A dictionary of marriage vocabulary, and other relevant words.
  • Beautifully illustrated maps of biblical lands.
  • 22 illustrated pages with couples of the Bible like Abraham and Sarai, Elkana and Hannah, Peter and his wife, or Samson and Delilah, among others.

* This Bible has been developed by Editorial Safeliz in partnership with the Family Ministries of Department of the General Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

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