Deep Things of God: An Insider’s Guide to the Book of Revelation


Revelation Offers Riches to the Wise

Never more relevant than in today’s apocalyptic culture, the book of Revelation offers riches to the wise but conceals many land mines for the unskilled. This is the first in a series of handbooks by a recognized expert in the field, bringing biblical scholarship to bear on the most perplexing book of the Bible.

Starting with a quick survey of prophecy from Genesis to Revelation, Jon Paulien teases out the hidden patterns of God’s working in history that underlie sound exegesis. He shows how prophets move from literal to spiritual, how they use the language of the past to describe the future, and how they employ

literary structures, such as chiasm, as clues to their meaning.

The author demonstrates how the structure of the Hebrew sanctuary, extracanonical writings, and even a pagan goddess can help us unlock the secrets of Revelation. He explains how Ellen G. White relates to Scripture, and how careful attention to Old Testament roots sheds new light on topics such as the meaning of 666.

This practical how-to volume will discourage bizarre and speculative interpretations and will deepen respect for the Author of prophecy, who is always consistent but never predictable.

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