Encounter: 20 Bible Reading Guides


20 Encounter Bible Reading Guides in an envelope. Ideal for new believers, study groups and youth.

  1. The Way to Peace and Joy
  2. The Reason Why
  3. The Way to Truth and Life
  4. “He Is Coming!”
  5. When Will Jesus Return?
  6. The Way to Health and Wisdom
  7. “Happiness Wall to Wall”
  8. The Assurance of a Secure Future
  9. The Way to Live Forever
  10. The Sure Test for Truth
  11. The God of Love and Beauty
  12. Your New Home for a New World
  13. The Road to Freedom
  14. Victory in Christ
  15. Your Appointment With God
  16. The Day That Shines
  17. The Bible’s Greatest Prophecy
  18. God’s Guiding Gift
  19. God’s Gifts-Our Thanks
  20. A Place for You

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