Christ is Coming!


The world rushes toward the second coming of Christ. But instead of awaiting it in eager anticipation, many of God’s people are afraid. They dread the persecution and suffering of the last days. Women and men of the Bible looked forward to Christ’s second advent with inexpressible happiness. Why don’t modern believers await Christ’s return with such joy?

Norman Gulley, professor of systematic theology at Southern Adventist University, believes many Christians focus on lasts-day events instead of Christ’s return. We concentrate on our ability to endure until the end instead of dwelling on Christ’s infinite power to protect us.

Exploring many of the issues Satan will use to confuse humanity in the last days–the state of the dead, Sabbath and Sunday, false revivals, spiritism and the New Age, hell, and the pre-Advent judgment–Gulley shows how they depict Christ and His dealings with humanity and sin..

In Christ Is Coming! Gulley shows how our loving Redeemer longs to be forever with us and enfold us in His divine protection. God’s people have nothing to fear. And the more we learn of God’s love and character, the more we will want Him to return for us.

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