Fake News: How Satan’s Lies are Deceiving Millions


Is God responsible for both good and evil?  Some will tell you there is no God.  Others blame God for the sin and suffering in the world. 

What happens when a person dies?  Some say this life is all there is.  Others say your soul is immortal and you will live forever—either in heaven or hell. 

Are sinners burning in hell today?  Some deny the existence of hell.  Others believe people are being tortured right now.

Are the Ten Commandments still valid?  Some don’t recognize any authority higher than themselves.  Others believe the law was abolished at the Cross. 

Should we still honor the seventh day as the Sabbath?  Some believe it was done away with.  Many others honor a different day. 

Do you recognize the voices of your friends and loved ones in these responses?  For every important Bible truth, Satan has invented not just one but many lies to confuse people. 

Today we hear a lot of talk today about “fake news.” People used to trust newspapers and the commentators on TV and radio news broadcasts—today, they choose media that agrees with them. The internet is a ripe source of information that is often partially—or entirely—false. Social media provides outlets for almost anyone to post almost anything, making it so very difficult to know what is true and what is not. Opinion disguised as fact, disinformation, and outright lies abound on the internet. It is all fake news! 

In this book, the concept of “fake news” that has captured so much attention becomes a powerful introduction to Satan’s half-truths and total fabrications.  It takes a close look at some of the false ideas Satan uses to deceive—and then turns to the Bible to discover what the truth really is.

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