Words of Encouragement


Words of Encouragement is about encouraging those who encourage and support others. It is a cliché, but a valid one, that there are always people who help others but have nowhere to turn when they are in need. Sometimes it may not be a material resource that is required; it might just be a kind word, a smile, or a nod that recognizes that everyone has “off” days. I hope you will be encouraged by sharing with me in this journey of words, which seek to inspire and support.

Judith Purkiss lives and works in London, England, where she is a teacher working with children who have special educational needs. In her spare time she likes to exercise and help out those in need in her community. She also loves reading and writing when she has the time and has written inspirational articles for magazines and devotionals. Judith is a student of languages and loves both the spoken and written word. A couple of years ago her love of encouraging people grew into a blog called Words of Encouragement, which provides daily insight from the Bible.

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