Where Are We Going?


Do we know where we are going and why?  Are we focused on the task at hand, or have distractions drawn us away from the priorities to which Christ has called us?

This book isn’t advice recycled from other books.  Instead, Elder Paulsen shares here the perspectives on leadership he’s developed through a lifetime of service.  He gives us a series of reflections on issues that are important to our church today and tomorrow – among them:

•    The role of women in ministry
•    The loss of our young people, particularly our young professionals
•    How we can build relationships with fellow Adventists that will strengthen Christ’s kingdom
•    How we as individual members and churches should relate to Adventist immigrants and refugees
•    The “us” and “them” of Adventists and other Christian beliers
•    How God views other religions, and what that means for us
•    How we can preserve unity when we disagree among ourselves
•    What we need to do to find and train the leaders our church needs
•    What lies ahead

Leaders experience more than their share of pain and vulnerability. But we can have a tremendous sense of purpose, joy, and fulfillment, because no matter what circumstances we face, we can be sure of the abiding presence of our Lord – for this is His church, and we are His servants.

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