When the Spirit Moves


Pastor Vince’s memoir, When the Spirit Moves, is a carefully crafted literary exposition of the faithful journey of a poor, Jamaican born Englishman. Yet, because of its articulated integrity and spiritual candour, unnumbered thousands of Caribbean peoples will find this miraculous saga irresistible. It has regional and international attractions and identifications baked into its articulated fibre. 

Perhaps, one of the most interesting aspects of this easy-to-read, but hard to put down autobiography is the fact that the content generates emotional turbulence. Yet, at the same time, it provides hope and comfort, peace and pleasure, vision and faith all wrapped securely in a sound Biblical theological blanket.  

What Pastor Vince humbly permitted God to do in his life and with his lifestyle, drowns out most excuses for living a life without purpose. His story takes away excuses for not being all that God intends for one to become. It leaves no excuses for failures. By the grace of God, Pastor Vince made quality decisions and did many magnanimous things that most people generally fail to do. 

Ironically, Pastor Vince, like so many Caribbean and African peoples whose lands and treasures were borrowed, destroyed or stolen, had the courage to forgive and forget the colonial history. Most interestingly, they risked life, in many instances, to leave their native lands and journey to the very heart of the socio-political and economic global empire that once oppressed. They took advantage of available opportunities that enabled them to survive and thrive through hard work, education and raw faith in themselves and a sanctified faith in Almighty God.

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