When the Devil Makes an Offer


When the Devil Makes an Offer, the offer is tempting. But why? His invitation doesn’t deliver eternal life-only death. How does the devil get to us? How can we deal with his temptations? Discover what’s behind the deceiver’s masks. He’s clever and tricky-making evil look attractive enough to snare just a bit of attention. Because a bit is all he needs.
Despite his lying tactics, “Remember, Satan is mighty; Jesus is Almighty. Satan has a plan; Jesus has a better plan.” Be ready when the enemy makes you an offer. What will be your plan?
David B. Smith is the writer/producer of the daily Voice of Prophecy broadcast. He is the author of Heaven; Popcorn, the Pearly Gates, and Other Kernels of Truth; Why Be Good?; and the Bucky Stone series.

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