We Stand on Their Shoulders: A Historical Legacy of Adventist Pastors


“Where will the next generation of ministers come from if no one answers the call?”

We Stand on Their Shoulders by Michael Campbell, MA, PhD, is a must-read for Adventist pastors and church members alike. This book delves into the rich history of Adventist pastoral ministry, providing important context for understanding the role of the Adventist pastor in spreading the good news of Christ’s soon return. Read about the courage, resilience, and perseverance of nine consequential Adventist pastors—Lulu Wightman, Marcial Serna, Eri Barr, Sarah Lindsey, Wolcott Littlejohn, Charles Kinny, Eli Miller, John Fulton, and Minnie Sype. These profiles highlight the diversity of Adventist ministry and the unique ways in which God calls and equips these people to serve.

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