Understanding the Sanctuary


The sanctuary. What was it? What is it? And why does it matter?

Sometimes we get the idea that the sanctuary doctrine, full of types and symbols and shadows, is too complicated to understand, too ancient to be relevant. Yet its purpose—to reveal the grace and goodness of Christ—is simple. Join Pastor Mark Finley on an inspiring journey through the sanctuary and discover the messages God reveals within it.

In Understanding the Sanctuary, discover the huge cost of sin, the importance of confession, the concept of a Substitute, the purpose of the Intercessor, the cleansing power of the blood of Jesus, and much more. Pull back the veil to understand every ritual and element of the sanctuary and its associated services, feasts, and festivals. Emerge with a clear understanding of the sanctuary’s place among the Israelites and its importance for God’s people today.

God is inviting us into His very presence—the Most Holy Place—where, by faith, the blood of Jesus washes away our sin, changes our hearts, and transforms our lives.

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