Three Cosmic Messages


TWO TITANIC POWERS IN OUR UNIVERSE HAVE BEEN AT WAR for thousands of years. It’s a battle between love and selfishness, between good and evil, between Jesus and Satan—once named Lucifer, the highest of heaven’s angels.

Today, as we arrive at the final conflict of the war, God has sent us—you, me, and everyone on Earth—three cosmic messages. They are Love’s final appeal to us, urging us—pleading with us, to make the most important choice we will ever make.

Just as Satan the enemy never rests, doing his best 24/7 to entice us to choose his way of selfishness, Jesus, through His Spirit, constantly reaches out to us. He invites us to give Him our minds and our hearts—our thoughts and our feelings—the response of all that we are, to His limitless, overwhelming love.

CALLING OUT IN LOUD VOICES, THREE ANGELS of Revelation,chapter 14 announce last-day messages of warning, of hope, of love, and of what we most need to know as the final days of time on this earth are running out.

Long, long ago, Lucifer the rebel angel declared that God was unjust—that He could not be trusted. Ever since, two opposing views have been demonstrated: love that leads to abundant and eternal life; and selfishness that leads to death.

The good news of the three angels is that Love wins!

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