This Far by Faith


Drawing on the Black experience, Clarence Hodges celebrates God’s enabling power through these inspirational readings. This Far by Faith introduces you to the God whose abhorrence for injustice led Him to free Black people from the bonds of slavery.
Hodges also believes in God’s ability to render powerless the mental shackles that produce mediocrity. The reader is challenged to surpass the pioneering spirit of Daniel Hale Williams, the courage of Sojourner Truth, the perseverance and determination of Jackie Robinson, and the call to faith and service exemplified by Christ.
Armed with a new sense of grace, the delivered must “cry aloud” and “spare not” at the sight of inequity. Those whom God has freed whatever their means of enslavement-must also “minister to Christ by ministering to those less fortunate,” says Hodges.
This Far by Faith advocates a civic-minded Christianity in which the delivered become deliverers through the power of God.

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