The Ultimate Passover


The Passover is still kept today in much the same way it has been for thousands of years.  Hidden in the symbols of the Pesach is a story of God’s amazing power and love for an enslaved people.  His chosen people.  The story of the Passover still captures the imagination.  Central to the theme of the Passover is the blood that marked the entrance to every Jewish home that fateful night.  When the Angel of Death saw the special sign, he “passed over” the home, sparing the eldest child from certain death. 

Go with Jerry Zaremsky on a journey from Egypt to the Promised Land.  The DVD opens with Moses and Aaron confronting Pharaoh just before the tenth plague, demanding to let God’s people go.  The Ultimate Passover is educational, inspirational, and will help you better understand the Passover, and its deep significance for humanity today.

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