The Shepherd King (2024 Adult Devotional)


The story of David has fascinated and inspired Christians for generations. He was a man capable of not only great heroics and tender mercies but also of base crimes and poor judgment—a gentle shepherd, faithfully leading his flocks to green pastures while courageously protecting them from danger. His psalms bring solace and inspiration. He is called “a man after God’s own heart.” And yet, knowing his failings, how can this be?

David’s struggles with doubt, temptation, despair, betrayal, sorrow, danger, and pride resonate with us because we face many of these same challenges and questions: Does God exist? How can I have faith in a “just” God when bad things happen to seemingly good people? Where is God when I pray and no answer is forthcoming? Why do the wicked appear to prosper? How do I deal with overwhelming grief? How long must evils continue? Is God punishing me? Which path does God want me to choose? Does God really keep His promises?

In David story—unraveled in this daily devotional featuring excerpts from The Seventh-day Adventist Bible Commentary and Ellen G. White’s writings—you will find cause for hope and trust in the Lord. True repentance and sorrow for sin brought salvation and peace to David. God forgave him. He didn’t forsake him. And God offers the same forgiveness, salvation, and peace so that you, too, can be a person “after God’s own heart.”

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