Gospel According To Paul – A Plain Man’s Guide to Romans

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“The Gospel” – “Good News” – is the brand label for the Christian message. While this message is embodied in the life of Jesus Christ as described in the letters of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, it is St Paul the convert who articulates the consequence of Christ’s life and death with regard to the assurance of salvation and Kingdom living.
Paul’s letter to the Romans defines the Christian faith for the erstwhile pagans of the Roman empire, which at the time was dominated by the complexity of Greek thought. Romans thus addresses a variety of paradoxes that result in complex interpretations among Christians. Foremost among these is the tension between the work of Christ – grace, and the responsive behaviour or works of the Christian – sometimes described as conformity to law.
Per Bolling cuts through the complexity provided by scholars to explain this ‘good news’ for regular readers. In the final chapter Per replies to Paul, describing how the letter to the Romans has helped him embrace his relationship with his Saviour.

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