The Essential Jesus


What if . . . . . . the biblical records of Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection were merely the “wishful thinking of the early church”? . . . Jesus wasn’t the divine-human Saviour of sinful humanity, but instead a Jewish sage, a religious genius, a misguided visionary or a magician? . . . people of faith the world over are praying to a Jesus who isn’t there?

The Essential Jesus is a thoughtful look at the relevancy of the Saviour for today-and a defence of the biblical, historical viewpoint. Editors Bryan W. Ball and William G. Johnsson have assembled the writings of ten scholars, besides themselves, who are passionate believers in Jesus into this one powerful volume on the man, the message, and the mission of Christ. Who was Jesus? Are the Gospel accounts of His birth, life, death and teachings reliable? Why did He die? Did He really rise from the dead? Does Jesus have a future? Will He come again? Does He still call men, women, and young people to discipleship, and, if so, what does He expect of those who respond? These and other critical questions are addressed and answered in this book that is written for all people who still believe that Jesus brings relevance, meaning, and purpose to this life and the one to come.

Contributors: Drs Roy Adams, Bryan W. Ball, Ivan T. Blasen, Raoul F. Dederen, William G. Johnsson, Andrea T. Luxton, David N. Marshall, Jan Paulsen, Steven W. Thompson, Laurence A. Turner, Nancy J. Vyhmeister, and Norman H. Young.

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