The Church Triumphant


The Seventh-day Adventist Church is in God’s hands. He is its Founder, its Leader, its Captain, its General, and its true Head. He has continually guided this movement in the past, is daily sustaining it in the present, and will powerfully lead it into the future.

Our Creator, Redeemer, and our coming King is the church’s only hope for today, tomorrow, and forever. He has providentially raised this church up for a unique mission, and it will not fail in rising to the destiny for which Christ created it. Seventh-day Adventists are part of a prophetic movement with an urgent prophetic calling. We are not merely another denomination on the landscape of religious movements. We are a divine end-time movement with an end-time purpose, an end-time message, and an end-time mission for the entire world.

No matter how challenging the days ahead, no matter how dark the future becomes, no matter what difficulties the church goes through, Christ’s people, Christ’s church, Christ’s purposes, and Christ’s plan will triumph at last.

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