Systematic Theology – Creation, Christ, Salvation


Is it all really about Christ?

Yes, says Norman R. Gulley resoundingly, in this third volume of his Systematic Theology. In another sweeping and yet incisive evaluation of Christian theology, this time focusing on the doctrines of creation, Christ, and salvation, Gulley drives home his overarching theme that “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever” (Heb. 13:8), which impacts creation and re-creation (salvation). If we give up the supernatural reality of creation, what right have we to accept the other supernatural events throughout Scripture?

This focus on Christ has profound implications for our understanding of origins and our relationship to the Word of God. As Gulley notes, “The written Word of God is as unchangeable and authentic as the living Word of God. Belief in supernatural creation is as important as belief in supernatural Incarnation and supernatural salvation.” For the biblically grounded Christian, it is impossible to accept the latter two without the first.

Thus, as Gulley says in the preface, this volume evaluates evolutionary theory as primarily a contemporary assumption that has led traditional theology to accept non-biblical ideas that are incompatible with the relational Trinity and with the biblical creation narrative.

As creation was in a specified time, so Christ came in time and in flesh as God’s revelation to humanity. The salvation He embodies for humanity occurs in time—in His life, His death, His resurrection and ascension, and His ministry now in the heavenly sanctuary.

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