Story Catcher


Story Catcher is a book you’ll read to your children and share with your friends.

Internationally-honored pastor Richard Duerksen has packed these pages with his favorite “God stories” – tales filled with angels, miracles, frustrated fisherman, fur trappers, and trusting missionaries. You’ll quickly discover how his creative narratives bring the Bible to life.

As popular television host, award-winning photographer, and celebrated speaker, Richard’s inspiring presentations are in demand around the world. His stories appear monthly in Adventist World magazine.


“His stories help me LOVE being LOVED by God.” – Todd Chobotar, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, AdventHealthPublishing

“Duerksen’s masterful storytelling paints pictures that literally place you as a witness to the event. The power of his storytelling moves you toward God’s kingdom.” —Jose Vicente Rojas, President, MOVEmentum

“An unforgettable storyteller has brought his incredible gift to life on the pages of this must-read contribution to the world of inspiration. Duerksen has unleashed the power of storytelling to heal and win hears as well as change minds for transformative results.” – Hyveth Williams, DMin Professor and Director of Homiletics Andrews University

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