Spectrum War


A fully illustrated comic book allegory of the Great Controversy for teens and earliteens.

Rebellion erupts across the Cosmos. AURORA, Singing superstar of the galaxy, defies BLAZE and His leadership, longing for ‘freedom’ to go into the great, undiscovered Beyond’. After convincing a third of the SHININGS from SPECTRUM CITY to follow her lead, AURORA storms into ‘BEYOND’, only to discover a never-ending void. Now cut off from BLAZE forever, AURORA loses her light and transformed into SILHOUETTE, the Queen of darkness, and the SHININGS that follow her dissolve into mere SHADOWS.

Desperate for power and control, SILHOUETTE wages war on the newly created BEINGS of the PLANET, determined to steal and capture their LUMINESCENCE, a gift of light from BLAZE, given to the Beings at the beginning of time. BLAZE returns to the PLANET as JOSH, a school chaplain who reaches out to a bunch of kids struggling With issues such as self-identity, bullying, peer pressure, depression, respect, grief, drugs, fear, gangs, delusion, internet predators, suicide and free choice. We follow the stories of Victor, Christina, Marcus, Nick and Sara
as they struggle to understand that while SILHOUETTE and the SHADOWS attack From every Side, BLAZE also has His army of SHININGS and has come down Himself, to break the bondage of darkness forever.

The war between light and darkness rages on until the end of time and climaxes with BLAZE’S return the PLANET to His people home to SPECTRUM CITY, as darkness is destroyed for eternity.

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