Sky-High Mystery


“We’ve been robbed!”

Justin Case, on-man crime stopper, is at it again!

He has teamed up with Gina Coggins and her brother, Tony, to catch a gang of professional burglars known as the Spooks. The burglars break into houses to steal electronics and other stuff. Now they’ve stolen Professor McAndry’s S. S. Republic– a large, elegant model ship coveted by the Smithsonian Institute in Washington.

“Pray that somehow we’ll find the Republic,” Tony tells Justin

“so Professor McAndry will know that God is powerful.”

Tony is a Bible-thumper. He won’t change the subject and won’t change his mind. He can’t stop talking about the secret rapture. Any minute now and all the good people will vanish. Tony is planning to go too, of course, but just in case he gets left behind, he’s stocking up on zwieback and bottled water that he’s storing in the lighthouse.

In their search for the Spooks, the kids get a little lift from the Bomber. And Tony gets a little help from the Bible in understanding the second coming of Jesus.


By Margaret Mensah, aged 12

This book is part of a series following the adventures of young teen detective Justin Case, and his friends, Tony and Gina Coggins.  A neighbourhood band of thieves known as the Spooks, due to their silent robberies, have been breaking into houses and stealing valuable items. Unfortunately, this time they decide to take a model of the S. S. Republic, a boat belonging to Professor McAndry. To add to their troubles, Tony has some very interesting ideas on the Second Coming which he imparts on anyone who comes his way. Will they find who’s behind the burglaries? And will Tony learn the truth? Read the book to find out!

I recommend this book for 10 to 12 year olds as it’s quite wordy and compact, and younger children may struggle. I would rate it a solid eight out of ten.



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