Sin and Salvation


There is no more important topic than God’s plan of salvation for a lost world.

Sin and Salvation considers the very heart of the message—God’s work for us, especially at the cross—then broadens to explore His work in us.

More than a book on abstract theology, Sin and Salvation not only informs the mind but also guides daily life. It seeks to show the interrelatedness of the components of salvation and explores justification, sanctification, perfection, and sinlessness.

Converted from agnosticism to Christianity more than 40 years ago, George R. Knight long wrestled with what it means to be saved—what God can do for us and in us.

This book in many ways is the result of that personal search: the combination of biblical findings, scholarly studies, and encounters with Christians. Sin and Salvation is an insightful and clear work that will help you better understand God’s redemptive plan.

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