Securely Strong: God’s Faithful Friends


In the Bible, Abraham was called “the friend of God.” In fact, the Bible is full of stories of people who were friends with God. Securely Strong: God’s Faithful Friends is a collection of Bible stories about people who became strong friends of God. They felt securely strong in their

  • obedience to God,
  • confidence in God,
  • encouragement of others,
  • determination to be faithful,
  • acceptance and offerings of forgiveness and mercy,
  • and praise to God for the blessings He provided.

Some of these characteristics were demonstrated in how they treated others, and some were shown in how they responded to God.

Would you like to feel safe and secure in your friendships with God? Would you like the assurance that He will give you the strength you need?  As you read through the stories, connect with the characters through the activities, and think through the questions, you will learn why these friends of God had securely strong faith. 

Have fun exploring and pondering! Keep a journal handy so you can record your thoughts in one place. Talk with trusted adults along the way. Most important of all, ask God to grow a securely strong faith in you. He is the best Friend you could ever have!

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