Secrets of Wellness


Books about health are rolling off the presses by the millions. They regularly achieve best-seller status. So why another book on health, and, specifically, why this book?  Because it only takes eight secrets to improve your life.

Water.  Exercise.  Love.  Lifestyle.  Nutrition.  Environment.  Sunshine.  Sleep.

These secrets are neither complicated nor expensive.  But they offer no magic bullet or healing elixir.  The key to improved health is making positive lifestyle choices.  This book will not only tell you what to do but how to do it.  Every chapter ends with practical tips to wellness that you can put into practice immediately.

Why should you read this book? Any woman who begins running marathons at seventy, places in the top three in her age group, and completes the marathon with no pain has something worthwhile to say.

All change begins with a choice. Choose now to live a healthier life!

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