Secret of the Yellow Van


Sometimes ten-year-old Jennifer cried and sometimes she was angry, but most of all she missed her daddy.

It had been only six months ago that her daddy had died of cancer. Jennifer knew other people who had been cured of cancer. Why didn’t God answer her prayers? Was it because she wasn’t good enough? Their mother did her best to comfort Jennifer and her fourteen-year-old brother, Alex, who is learning to raise and sell exotic birds.

One night as the family drove out of the driveway, Alex pointed out a van that was parked on their street. “See that old yellow van? … It says “Joe’s Bakery” on its side. I saw it there twice last week’

“Is that a problem?” Mom asked. “Lots of people park on the street. Maybe Mrs. Kostenko ordered some baked goods.’…

“Then why do you suppose the driver just sits in the van?” Alex asked.

This book will help children who are mourning the loss of a friend or family member or a beloved pet, to understand that God is with them and loves them. They will learn that the loss is not their fault—that God will take care of them and help them to adjust to a situation over which they have no control. It will help them to remember that they will see their friend or family member again when Jesus comes.


By Margaret Mensah, aged 12

This book follows the story of 10 year old Jennifer, who has just lost her father to cancer. She lived with her mother and brother, Alex, who has an avid interest in raising and selling birds, and has bought many.

Soon, the family notice a yellow van on their street, which seems to be following them. What do they do? Read the book to find out!

I would recommend this book for nine to twelve year olds as it deals with the tender subject of losing a loved one as well as being an engaging story. I would rate it seven out of ten.

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