Religion in the Real World


Too many Christians take life as it comes, a relaxed trip with no plan. They meander. They take the easiest way around any obstacle and give in to barriers without a fight.

But, then there are Christians who don’t. They set their eyes on the prize—Heaven—and charge ahead, blasting through barriers, tunneling through obstacles, brushing aside obstructions, and not bowing to the many stumbling blocks that get in their way. These men and women, boys and girls, are attempting to live God’s love in the real world. They’ve determined that nothing, absolutely nothing, is going to permanently alter their course to the Promised Land.

They also know that absolute, straight-line perfection isn’t possible in an atmosphere of sin. Christianity is never mastered, but it can be—and should be—practiced on a daily basis. Those occasional mistakes, misjudgments, or the mismanagement of God’s gifts offer lessons to learn, and they learn them. Their course may be moderated from time to time, but it’s never abandoned because they believe, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that the destination justifies the journey.

In this book, you’ll find inspiration and motivation for your journey through the twists and turns of life to the wonderful Promised Land!

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