Relationships – Unique Boundaries of Effectiveness for Success and Fulfilment


This groundbreaking book: “Relationships – Unique Boundaries of Effectiveness for Success and Fulfilment” explores the importance of our relationships and their crucial role in contributing to each person’s ability to achieve a sense of purpose, success and satisfaction. It is a unique and comprehensive guide to the essential components for building and maintaining fulfilling relationships at all levels. It also highlights the common stumbling blocks that can prevent individuals and communities from achieving optimum levels of satisfaction that we can experience in our various relationships.

This easy-to-read book is written for people from all walks of life. It is enriched with interesting short stories that fully engage the reader and illustrate key aspects of relationships. The summaries and points for reflection at the end of each chapter offer readers with opportunities for personal reflection.Relationships – Unique Boundaries of Effectiveness for Success and Fulfilment promises to help readers establish or revive a positive outlook on relationships, through the use of each person’s “unique boundaries of effectiveness”. This book will greatly contribute towards each reader’s general success and fulfilment in an increasingly challenging world through the workings of various relationships.The authour has over a decade experience of working in corporate finance and is a passionate speaker on the subject of relationships – corporate, individual and societal. Alison speaks in seminars, workshops and various other events.

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