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Sinners. That’s us, from the moment we are born. Yet God relentlessly pursues a relationship with us. In fact, the Bible tells us that while we were in our mother’s womb He knew all about us—and loved us still.

No matter how far you may have fallen, your heavenly Father consistently proves that nothing you can do will make Him love you less. Your past, your present, your issues—nothing threatens God’s never-ending love for you. Nothing quenches His desire to spend eternity with you.

And nothing you can do will make Him love you more. We can never do enough to earn God’s freely offered gift of forgiveness and restoration. God gladly initiated the process of pursuing a relationship with us because He is love.

Through the lens of Mary Magdalene, Lola Moore Johnston introduces Jesus as the One who pursues you as a suitor pursues his beloved. You will walk with Mary as she is transformed from an outcast in polite society, to Jesus’ most ardent supporter and adoring friend. 

In Pursued you will be challenged to discover for yourself the healing and transforming power of the love of Jesus, your divine Pursuer. 

This DVD contains six video presentations by Pastor Lola Moore Johnston. 

The Study Guide, sold seperately, contains six lessons designed to accompany the DVD.

The Leader’s Guide, included at the end of the study guide, offers success tips for small group leaders. 

The book, by the same title, offers additional insights by Pastor Lola into God’s radical love for you.

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