Pure Redeeming Love: Demonstrating God’s Grace To All Touched By LGBT+ Issues


Few topics generate the intense controversy that we are seeing regarding gender identity. While nearly half of Americans express misgivings about the issue, many others don’t think change is happening fast enough. As a result, our nations, households, and even churches are increasingly being torn apart.

No wonder, then, that every day, news and social media outlets keep front and center the heated conflicts over trans athletes, the medical transitioning of minors, and the use of public bathrooms by trans people. There are also serious legal, social, and cultural ramifications. In some places, refusing to use a person’s preferred pronouns can get you fired regardless of one’s religious beliefs. And “coming out” can still get a son or daughter forsaken by an entire family, often ending their spiritual walk.

So just how should a Christian approach gender identity? And what about sexual identity, a subject that seems to have faded into the background?

In the spirit of Ephesians 4:32, how do you respond to all this with lovingkindness while being true to Christ? To answer these questions and more, Amazing Facts reached out to Ron Woolsey, cofounder of ‘Coming Out’ Ministries, to write the book you hold in your hands. As someone personally familiar with the LGBT+ topic, Ron desires to honor God’s Word while always being thoughtful, practical, redemptive, and enlightening. If that’s what you need, you’ll be blessed by what he has to say. We hope and pray that you will find light and courage throughout this important, timely book.

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