Prophets in Conflict


George Knight does it again!

Known for his provocative approach to serious topics, Knight’s latest book will not disappoint.  Far from it, Prophets in Conflict not only challenges Adventist thinking and provides food for thought, but it also stimulates vigorous discussion.

Here are some of the questions explored:

  • Are Ellen White and Joseph Smith two flavours of the same thing?
  • Why are Adventists prone to the “Mormon Temptation”? What is the “Mormon Temptation” and how does it relate to prophetic authority?
  • How did Ellen White interpret her own writings?
  • What did she see as the purpose of her gift?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of compilations?
  • Can compilations make Ellen White say what she never said or believed?
  • How can her writings be applied in a healthy (or unhealthy) manner?

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