Prophecy’s Answer to Philosophy’s Confusion


God, are you there?

Our secular society is openly rethinking not only the relevance of religion but also the very existence of a God to worship. This disdain is not really a consequence of the scientific method because great scientists of the past and present have found science to be complementary to their belief in God. What is happening? Has the Creator gone out of style? Have we reduced Him to a decorative piece on the mantle of our knowledge? Is a belief in God compatible with twenty-first-century thinking?

This book gives us an answer that is surprisingly powerful, an answer that does not ignore history or science, yet points to the reality of God in ways that withstand any scrutiny. One of the first disciples of Jesus invited his friend to meet the Master with the words “Come and see” (John 1:46). This is the idea. Whether you are wrestling with the question of God’s existence or have decided that God is merely a “god,” this book beckons, “Come and see.”

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