Prayer Map Devotional


If you’re ready to experience a deeper and more creative, meaningful and empowering prayer life, you’re in the right place. For here, within the pages of this practical, inspirational and interactive book you will find 28 weeks’ worth of scripture passages, inspirational readings and prayers to spur you on your prayer life. With prayer-related topics like ‘Wholehearted prayer’, ‘Centered and devoted’, ‘prayer, the doorway to God’s presence’ and ‘God in action’, you will be inspired to spend quality time each day with Abba God. But that’s not all. To help you better focus your time in God’s presence, you’ll also create your own prayer maps.

Each week you will find a 2 page spread that will guide you to create youe very own prayer-map-as you write out specific thoughts, ideas and lists, which you can follow (from start to finish)-as you talk to God. (Tip: Be sure to record the date on each one of your maps so you can look back over time and see how God has continued to work in your life!)

The Prayer Map Devotional not only will encourage you to spend time talking to God about the things that matter most, but also will help you build a healthy spiritual habit of continual prayer for life!

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