Practical Common-sense Ministry


Welcome to the pulpit, Pastor! Dr Charles Drake III, a seasoned pastor and church administrator, has put together this handy and practical guide to the ministry, just for you. Dealing with such topics as chairing church board meetings, preaching, time management, leading through change, and that exciting but disruptive time of the pastoral move, Dr Drake’s new book offers you a roadmap that will help you to navigate some of the potential roadblocks and make the most of the opportunities of your calling in Christ – to win souls and transform your flock’s hearts for the Kingdom. Whether you’re a ministerial intern or a veteran of many years’ service, in the words of Pastor Philip Baptiste, you’re sure to find this book ‘a truly exemplary resource and ministry toolbox’. As Pastor David Neal shares: ‘The content is excellent, and if our pastors took on one tenth of the wisdom he shares, the church would prove to be much the better for it.’

God bless you and your family as you carry out your service for the Lord.

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