Playing the Devil’s Game


Debbie suddenly exclaimed, “Look!” Her finger pointed shakily at the heart-shaped message indicator on the Ouija board. Our eyes followed the moving device. . . . DJ and I repeated the letters aloud as the indicator moved and stopped at each one: “KILL . . . SUE.” I stared in disbelief at Mom’s name.

Have you ever wondered if there’s another dimension to our world, where unseen beings and forces work to disrupt our lives? Most Christians believe Satan and his traitorous legions wander the earth doing just that. Yet many unwittingly fall into unholy communion with these evil spirits through games and social situations that present themselves as innocent fun.

This is the story of how little Becki and her three siblings grew up in a house where evil spirits were welcome guests. Sue, Becki’s mom, invited Satan into their home by communicating with demons through a Ouija board and, gradually, via more intentional occult activities.

Playing the Devil’s Game invites readers to peek into the fearsome world behind the veil through the life of Becki Rogers and her childhood experience and to witness the power of the Living God as He crushes the enemy on behalf of His children.

If you’ve felt Jesus tugging at your heart or have struggled to understand the Bible or how it relates to the occult, this book is for you. It’s time to find out where you stand with God. “There is hope for everyone,” says Becki. “Jesus, who has saved my life physically, healed me emotionally, and helped me spiritually, is waiting with open arms to welcome you into a new life!”

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