Perfect Gift – A Book of Poems and Prayers


Joan Moore has had a creative nature all her life. She enjoys writing poetry, she paints in oils and composes music for piano and voice. This collection of poetry represents part of her writings, and much of it reflects her strong Christian faith. She is mother to three daughters, and has five grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren.

A lovely little book full of 53 uplifting prayers and poems to make you smile and brighten your day.


Remind me

Remind me why Your Son came down,
Left Father and angels in His heavenly home above.
Why He took the form of helpless human baby
To fulfil the plan which proved the Father’s love.
Was it for me my Saviour died?
Were they my sins He bore?
Would He have needed to come down here
If I had loved Him more?
Had I listened to the words He spoke
through His precious book,
Seen the blood poured out for me?
Had I stood before the wooden cross
where from sin He set me free,
With the thorns digging deep in His head –
Would I have understood it was for me that my Saviour bled?
Remind me again why I should be given a place near Your royal throne?

I can never deserve it, just try to be worthy of it,
Accept it with Your precious love alone.

Now I remember! How thankful I am,
That Jesus is the Passover Lamb,
The Lion of Judah, the Prince of Peace
Who came down to earth that evil may cease!
Death is conquered and I will be free
To love Him forever as He loves me!

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