One Year Later: Stories of Faith and Courage From Ground Zero (Pack of 20)


One Year Later: Stories of Courage and Faith From Ground Zero
Doing It Right
Melodie had never known her husband LeRoy to face a situation he couldn’t handle. Now she stared at the TV screen, seeing nothing but the flight number, hearing nothing but the unthinkable, thinking nothing but what couldn’t be: United Airlines Flight 93. Pennsylvania. And LeRoy was the co-pilot!
When your life comes apart, and it seems there is nothing left to live for-where do you find the strength to go on?
A Tale of Two Heroes
On September 11, Richard Walton watched in disbelief as a Boeing 757 sliced through the clear morning sky, clipping branches from the tree out side his apartment window in Arlington, Virginia, and then exploding moments later in a gigantic fireball at the Pentagon.
Earlier that same morning in New York City, Jorge Velasquez went to his job as a security chief on the 44th floor, Tower Two, of the World Trade Center.
In the tragedies of that day, Richard would risk his life to save others, and forge would give his life that others might live. Both men exemplify the best of the human spirit and show us the true meaning of sacrifice.
It’s OK To Cry
For Joan Silver, the tears continue to flow-sometimes at the most unexpected moments. She always thought that if anything happened to one of her children it would be the end of her. But she has learned that even in grief, there is One who is wise enough to handle all our questions, strong enough to listen to our doubts, and gentle enough to loosen the knots around our faith.
Second Chance
After somehow making his way down sixty-one floors of the second tower of the World Trade Center, Elias Lopez found himself on the street outside. “Run!” officials barked. “Just keep running!”
Elias ran, but after he reached safety, something kept pulling him back to the scene of the tragedy, some need to help. “I believe God intended for me to be in New York,” says Elias. “That day was a new beginning for me.”

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