On a Mission for God


The remarkable story of missionary Sebastian Tirtirau
Finding God in a Prison Cell The inspiring story of a man who grew up in a communistic and atheistic home. He served a prison sentence in the place of another person, and the guards in this desolate place tried to break his spirit. He could have given up, but then he discovered Jesus Christ.
With Christ in the Desert
The San tribe is a very remote tribe of Bushmen living in the Kalahari Desert. A few generations ago, you might have wondered how anyone could ever reach them with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Meet the man who has gone to the Kalahari Desert and provided Bushmen with water, food, Bibles and churches.
Dog Sled Bibles
The Inuit tribe lives at the far reaches of the earth near the North Pole. After a failed sailing expedition see how this man successfully delivered Bibles by dog sled to this remote tribe. But in the process he nearly froze to death in an Artic blizzard in the middle of winter.

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