No Peace for a Soldier


Dr. Walter C. Utt, professor of history at Pacific Union College between 1938 and 1985, was a scholar in the area of the French Reformation. He made history come alive in his classes. You will find in this historically accurate portrayal of the plight of the Huguenots and Vaudois (Waldenses) a gripping tale of courage and commitment to Christ.

Part One, the devout French Protestants of the seventeenth century combined faith and works in heroic proportions. During severe persecutions, while some abandoned their faith, others were martyred. Follow Monsieur and Madame Cortot and their four children, a Huguenot family, and a family friend from long ago? Armand de Gandon, an army officer forced to choose between loyalty to his king or to his God.

Part Two, the story continues with the exiles in Holland after the Edict of Revocation eliminated the rights of non-Catholics in France. ?While many can suffer martyrdom with sufficient heroism, not all are cut out to live their faith through long adversity.? Follow Armand de Gandon, Madeleine Cortot, and Mathieu Bertrand as they each cope with exile in their own way.

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