No Fears, No Chains: Devotional Thoughts for Women


If you didn’t have to prove anything to anyone, how would you live?
If your marital status, your professional performance or your physical appearance were not the gauge that determined your self-esteem, what risks would you dare to take? What dreams could you achieve?
No Fears, No Chains invites you to live a life of emotional abundance, recognizing your identity as a legitimate and deeply loved daughter of God.
With each page I challenge you to accept this powerful identity, which dislodges fears and frees us from the tyranny of competing and constantly comparing ourselves to others to win fleeting approval.
The truth is that there’s really nothing to prove. The verdict has already been issued: you are God’s beloved daughter! His love will destroy your fears and pulverize your chains.
Vanesa Pizzuto has a bachelor’s degree in Communication from the National University of La Matanza, in Argentina, and a master’s degree in Education from the University of Hertfordshire, in England. She is the author of numerous articles as well as Amancay, a bilingual short story series, published by IADPA. She has worked as a teacher and as a radio presenter for Adventist Radio in London. She is originally from Argentina and currently lives in England.

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