NKJV Creative Woman’s Bible


Especially conceived and developed for today’s women, this Bible has the following features:
• New King James Version of the Bible (NKJV).
• Beautiful illustrations of Bible verses, numerous drawings of the women of the Bible to color, and margins for notes.
• Additional QR materials include Bible study tools, illustrations on the sanctuary and apocalyptic prophecies, maps, and more.
• More than 100 commentaries, written by recognized authors, about issues related to women (weddings in the Bible: rape and violation, levirate marriages: woman prophets). These commentaries appear alongside the Bible text.
• Special introductions to each section (Pentateuch, Wisdom literature, Prophetic books, Gospels, Letters, etc.) explaining the role played by women of the Bible, and how they fulfilled their special mission.
• Outline of each book of the Bible.
• Articles on more than 60 virtues, and the women who best represent them.
• General articles on well-known and lesser-known women of the Bible, as well as practical lessons we can learn from them.

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