NIV Devotional Prayer Bible


This complete text of the Old and New Testaments is full of inspiration and practical help for learning to pray through, in, and from Scripture. The Prayer Bible leads you in discovering the exciting and transforming work of prayer. Your world will never be the same once you begin reading, studying, and applying the powerful principles and practices of prayer revealed in this Bible.

Special features include:

  • Introductory Essay on prayer and Scripture
  • 260 Daily Devotions providing guidance, encouragement, and specific applications pointing readers back to Scripture for meditation and prayer
  • 52 Weekend Devotions sharing stories of people who pray and their answers to prayer, plus verses to memorize
  • Book Introductions briefly describing each book of the Bible, focusing on its significance for prayer
  • Prayer Boxes containing quotations about prayer and Scripture excerpts that provide inspiration to pray
  • Available exclusively in the most read, most trusted Bible translation: the NIV

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