Nephaniah Chronicles


Sarcasm. Jealousy. Pride. Envy. Deception. These emotions are all too familiar as we look at the world around us—and the feelings within us. However, there was a time when innocence ruled over emotions, and the universe lived in harmony with the High King and the Commander. But that was before the Rebellion—before Lightbearer, Son of the Morning, went dark.

The High King commissioned Nephaniah, a messenger and once a close friend to Lightbearer, to record the story of the Homeland and the Rebellion. As you follow Nephaniah’s account, join him as he wrestles with the following questions:

  • What if Lightbearer is right?
  • Should he take his chances and join the Rebellion?
  • Shall he remain true to the High King?
  • What will his loyalty cost him?

The Nephaniah Chronicles is a creative imagining of the conflict between good and evil in heaven. It draws from a deep understanding of the Bible, the ministry of angels, and the ultimate victory of Christ our Savior.

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