My Sister Has Super Powers!


Meet Journee and Carter! Carter is an energetic and adventurous little boy who’s view of the world and loving relationship with his big sister are shared in this book. Journee is his amazing big sister, a talented and inspiring little girl challenged with autism. My Sister Has Super Powers shares a familiar story for countless families across the United States and beyond. Each colourfully illustrated page highlights her extraordinary characteristics, bringing to life her joyful personality that are more like SUPER POWERS in the eyes of her four-year-old brother.

My Sister Has Super Powers gives individuals a glimpse into the everyday reality of a family supporting a loved one with special needs, while offering child readers faces and characters they can relate to. As well as teaching children that they are fearfully and wonderfully made no matter what their circumstance.

My Sister Has Super Powers helps all children understand that they are wonderfully made, regardless of the special or unique challenges they may face. Our goal with this book is to help educate families, schools, and communities along their JOURNEE of awareness as they learn to empathize, interact, and support challenged individuals throughout the global community.


“My Sister Has Super Powers” delivers a powerful message in upbeat, positive language that children can understand. This light, enjoyable story strikes deep into the heart of the inherent giftedness that we label “disability.” The book is perfect catalyst for necessary conversation at home and in the classroom.” – Dr. Sandra Doran, Author and Educator “It can’t say enough about the beauty of this book! I read it with my son whose twin brother has severe autism. After we were done he said “what a cool book! I wish my friends could read it so they can see how awesome N is!” Thank you McFadden family for this beautiful reminder that we are ALL fearfully and wonderfully made.” – Lesley Jackson, mom of 4

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