My Key Verse Bible Flashcards


Building faith – building character

  • Learning Scripture by heart is an important tool for helping your child build their faith and character.
  • With these My Key Verse Bible FLASHCARDS, memorization becomes easier, and more fun, too!
  • By relating Bible Stories to the Bible verses, kids will also get to know some of the most well-known stories of the Bible.

This handy box contains 22 cardboard flash cards with important and easy to learn verses from the Bible. Accompanied by related Bible stories and illustrations, the context and meaning of each verse becomes clear and helps establish mental pictures—making it easier for children to remember the verse.

Flash cards are well-proven to help in learning and memorization. Learning Bible verses is important for building faith, understanding and wisdom. Memorizing scripture prepares children for all sorts of times when knowing God’s word is important, from prayer and counselling others to difficult situations.

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