My Friend Fang


My Friend Fang and Other Great Stories for Kids is an exciting collection of stories packed full of adventure for you to read by yourself or with your family. These brand-new stories are funny, exciting, and full of good ways to handle the problems that every kid has. Kids—you’ll love reading stories like the one pictured on this book, “My Friend Fang“. It’s about how to make friends and how to be a true friend. But that’s not all. Besides “Fang”, this book features thirteen favorite stories from the Great Stories for Kids set including “Shadow’s Secret”, “I Hate Him! / I Hate Her!” and “Red Face Champion”.
Parents—while your children are reading these entertaining stories, they’re also learning about shyness, being an example, kindness to animals, dealing with prejudice and many other issues. The stories in this book will help your child build a Christian character that will last a lifetime.

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