Molly’s Revenge (Serenity Inn Book 7)


Praying for deliverance “from the snare of the fowler” was one thing, but did God really expect her to forgive the “fowler”?

Vivacious and beautiful, eighteen-year-old Molly Maguire lives a charmed life thanks to the generosity of her benefactors, Lord and Lady Pembrooke. But all that changes when Lord Pem-brooke’s health fails and his son unexpectedly closes the manor. Given the options of remaining in Ireland to fend for themselves or signing a two-year contract as indentured servants in the Commonwealth of Virginia, Molly and her widowed mother choose to begin a new life in America.

But life is unpredictably harsh in the New World. Angry over the unfair treatment she receives, Molly’s resentment is sparked into a raging fire that burns fiercely inside her, threatening to destroy her from within. Even as she vows to take her revenge, Molly holds on desperately to the only connection she has to her homeland–her father’s Bible.

With danger lurking around every bend, Molly finds herself caught up in the espionage of the Underground Railroad, and she’s forced to flee after a fellow worker reports her activities to the authorities. Tired and disillusioned, she eventually finds herself at the Serenity Inn, where she finds refuge, and along the way, discovers the ultimate revenge against her enemies.

Molly’s Revenge is the inspiring story of a young woman struggling to forgive those who have wronged her, while slowly learning to trust in the God of her parents.

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