Miracles & Pitfalls Game


Learn to negotiate mighty miracles and perilous pitfalls while plundering the treasure trove of Scripture and learning God’s Word.

Families will have lots of fun with the mind-teasing questions, and the Miracle and Pitfall cards change the pace of the game when you least expect it!

In Miracles and Pitfalls up to six players race around the board from the Start space to the Finish space, answering Bible questions from one of four different categories (Bible Characters, Places, Objects, and Fill in the Blanks). A player must correctly answer a question before having the opportunity to roll the die to move forward.

Most of the spaces on the board correspond to one of the four categories, but some spaces allow a player to choose which category they want to answer a question from.

Some spaces require a player to draw a “Miracle” card which will give the player some benefit like skipping ahead on the board, while other spaces require the player to draw a “Pitfall” card. These cards have negative effects like, for example, causing a player to lose a turn.

There are spaces that allow players to take shortcuts along the path and other spaces that require a player to take a longer detour. Finally, there are slide spaces which allow a player to slide forward or backward one space to get to a category space that might make it easier for the player to answer the question.

The box includes 800 questions, with 4 questions per card.

hange the pace of the game when you least expect it!

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