Mightier than a Lion


Suddenly a booming voice rang out. “Mark!” the voice shouted so loud it sounded like an explosion in his ears. “Run! Now!”

Mark was so shocked he did exactly what the voice demanded. Fear shot through him. His heart hammering against his ribs, he turned and raced back toward the car as fast as he could.

James must have glimpsed the terrified expression on Mark’s face because he ran too — even though he didn’t know why.

Just as the two boys reached the car, their mother screamed.

Gasping for breath, Mark turned around. A tawny, muscled form slunk out of the tall grass. Two yellow eyes stared straight at him above jaws bristling with sharp teeth.


Young people make decisions every day. Some decisions are big. Others are huge. Most seem so small you barely even think about them. The kids in these true stories relied on Jesus to help them make the right decisions. Jesus will help you too!

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